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Pure Napkin’s concept is based on the time-honored Asian tradition of offering guests a refreshment towel upon arrival or after dinner. The Pure Napkin Concept was born from a desire to keep that tradition while realizing the vital importance of a disposable, hygienic, biodegradable towel, a true environment friendly replacement for the cotton towel.

Pure Napkin towels are compressed into convenient small tablets. Pour a small amount of (scented) water on the tablet and it will rapidly change into a full-size moist refreshment towel. Presentation plays a vital role in the Pure Napkin Concept. Specially designed for a stylish presentation we offer a wide selection of trays and bottles suitable in many restaurant ambiances.

The use of Pure Napkin doesn’t stop in restaurants. Whenever and wherever the comfort of a refreshment towel is desired, Pure Napkin can do the job: bars, beauty and hair salons, dentist, outdoor, while sporting, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, while traveling, with a picnic…..all you need is a little water.




Bamboo Four

94,00 kr.

Bamboo One

31,75 kr.

Bamboo Resin Black Four

106,25 kr.

Bamboo Resin Black One

35,00 kr.

Bamboo Resin Black Two

52,75 kr.

Bamboo Two

53,50 kr.

Basket + Sleeve Black Empty

36,50 kr.

Basket + Sleeve Brown Empty

35,75 kr.

Black Stone Cube 40

458,00 kr.

Black Stone One

39,25 kr.

Black Stone Two

57,25 kr.

Pure East ‘n Spicy

88,00 kr.

Pure Global ‘n Fresh

88,00 kr.

Pure Napkin Box 500

383,50 kr.

Pure Napkin Disposable Bag Black

8,00 kr.

Pure Napkin Tablets (Bag) 100

151,50 kr.

Pure Napkin Tube 10

18,00 kr.

Pure Orange ‘n Lemon

88,00 kr.

Resin Four Black

89,25 kr.

Resin One Black

32,50 kr.

Resin Two Black

49,25 kr.

Stone Cube Four

100,75 kr.

Stone Cube One

38,50 kr.

Stone Cube Two

60,25 kr.

The Cone 300

75,75 kr.

The Wave

40,50 kr.


24,00 kr.

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