Black Stone Cube 40

458,00 kr.

The perfect choice for use at conferences or parties where a larger group of guests needs to be served quickly, simultaneously. Before serving, place the compressed napkin tablets in each water compartment, then pour some water over each tablet, the compressed tablets will then change to full-size refreshment napkins. The refreshment napkins are then ready to be served. When serving, we recommend using our wooden tweezer. For application of water we recommend our Frosted Conic Bottle.

Black Stone Cube 40 can serve up to 40 people at once.


Material: Lava Stone

Instructions for correct use: When using the tray: For each towel there is a compartment for the Pure Napkin towel and a compartment for the water. Depending on your preference, the Pure Napkin towel can be presented with water in the water compartment or the water can be poured when presented. Pour 10 ml / two teaspoons of cold or hot water onto the tablet, and it will change to a napkin within a few seconds.

Other information: All Pure Napkin trays are, as much as possible, compromised and handmade from natural recycled materials. Variations in color and shape may occur and therefore do not warrant complaint.

Additional information

Weight 2,393 kg



Long-term durable




Lava stone

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