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Tablegear, founded in 2017, operates from its headquarters and showroom in Brøndby, Copenhagen, with warehouse facilities also situated in Fyn. Beginning with a limited range of disposable service products, we quickly pivoted to introduce eco-friendly alternatives, ultimately expanding our portfolio to include a variety of products crafted from organic materials.

With a focus on the Nordic countries, we collaborate with B2B partners, serving gastronomy, wholesale, and food trade industries, alongside meeting the needs of B2C customers.

Our expertise lies in eco-conscious tableware fashioned from organic materials, functioning as an additional asset, it elevates the satisfaction of dining or drinking while advocating environmental mindfulness

Our ambition is to continually enhance our portfolio with products meeting the same high standards, manufactured using the latest technology methods. With a focus on environmental protection, it is our duty to constantly optimizing the value chain based on our specifications, from raw material processing to the finished product reaching the consumer.

Our complete product range, inclusive of items categorized as foot contact materials and food products, is compliant with EU regulations, and because our company is registered in Denmark, we also comply with Danish regulations.

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